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Welcome to DR Pool Promotions Inc.
Part Native American Owned.

2014-2015 Native American Casino Pool Tour

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$9,795 After four stops

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2015 Sponsors

Mike Messer
Great Lakes Financial
Sonny Frappier
Becson Embroidery
Jim Baxter
JM Builders
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Only one stop needed for finals.


Feb 5-8, 2015 Soaring Eagle Open IX, Mt Pleasant, MI
Feb 12-15, 2015 Turtle Open II,Turtle Lake WI
Feb 19-22, 2015 Winnavegas II Shootout, Sloan IA

Stop 5

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Dean Roeseler, President/CEO DR Pool Promotions, Inc


For further tournament information please contact Dean @ 920.206.6355  or by e-mail at dean@drpool.net

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